What is Internet? انٹرنیٹ کیا ہے؟

Rehan Allahwala

What is Internet? انٹرنیٹ کیا ہے؟ | Rehan University

Inbox Received, and here is my REAL REPLY: Now let’s see how many people share this, as other was shared like 75 times so far and got 200 comments 🙂

Dear Rehan Bhai,

My name is xyz and i have recently complete my BS Computer science, sir i want to earn money via internet. Can you please guide me

Dear Brother XYZ,

Thank you for your msg, I have written a book on this, which you can use to learn how to do it, and a new addition of that is coming soon also , it is on www.rehanu.com/wii

There are many website that you can work online however like any other work in the world, you should start small asap and grow your self to do more.

You can start from fiverr.com or rehant.com which are micro tasking website, where you get $5 paid for doing small little tasks, once you a few of those, you can look for more work on rehanw.com and Elance.com

The most important thing you will need is to build your network, Add all the people in the world you know on Facebook, and linkedin and then meet more people who are not from Pakistan and tell them your ability, You can go to my friends list and take my friends.

Join Online Jobs forums on facbeook and linked and online marketing forums as they are always seeking people who want to make apps and software.

I also encourage you to make mobile and web apps for as many people around you i.e. your relatives your neighborhood shops etc, then you can for free even, so you get really good at it, and then you can use these as sample for showing to your future customers.

These are some suggestions, but remember the key is for you to become a Kohinoor in your self, so people will come to you automatically from glow of your work.

www.rehanallahwala.com (start has more tips for you 🙂

Be blessed,